Q'zin Catering was established in 2001 with the vision of serving healthier choice buffet catering services.  Since incorporation, we have been offering quality healthy food catering with no added MSG, low in salt, low in fat and low in sugar. All dishes produced by our central kitchen do not contain MSG, not even chicken seasoning powder. Delicious tastes are achieved through generous use of fresh ingredients and in-house soup stocks. 

Q'zin Catering is accredited by the Health Promotion Board (HPB) as a Healthier Choice Caterer during the launch of HPB's nation-wide Healthy Living Campaign in year 2008.



$11.80/pax min 35 pax

Bon Appetite
$13.80/pax min 30 pax

Tasty Delight
$15.80/pax min 25 pax

Sweet Temptation
$20.00/pax min 25 pax

Superb Spread
$25.00/pax min 25 pax

Big Banquet
$35.00/pax min 25 pax

Menu A:$20.00/pax
Menu B:$25.00/pax
Min 25 pax


Western Menu A
$28.80/pax min 30 pax

Western Menu B
$26.80/pax min 30 pax

Baby Full Month/Baby Shower

Bundle of Bliss
$16.80/pax min 35 pax
themed colour setup

Bundle of Joy
$12.80/pax min 50 pax

Mini Buffet

Mini Buffet set a
$10.80/pax min 20 pax

Mini Buffet set b
$12.80/pax min 15 pax

Mini Buffet set c
$15.80/pax min 10 pax

Mini Nasi Lemak Set


SET A: $5.80/pax
min 20 pax
SET B: $5.80/pax
min 20 pax
SET C: $6.00/pax
min 20 pax
SET D: $6.00/pax
min 20 pax
SET E: $6.00/pax
min 20 pax


BBQ cum Buffet A
$16.00/pax min 30 pax

BBQ cum Buffet B
$18.00/pax min 30 pax

BBQ cum buffet C
$23.00/pax min 30 pax

BBQ cum buffet D
$28.00/pax min 30 pax

Tea Reception

Tea Reception
$9.50/pax min 35 pax
$10.50/pax min 30 pax
$11.50/pax min 30 pax

Economic High Tea
$3.50/pax min 100 pax
$4.50/pax min 80 pax
$5.50/pax min 60 pax
$6.50/pax min 50 pax
$7.50/pax min 40 pax

Deluxe Selections

Asian Food Set Menu A $33.00/pax min 30 pax

Asian Food Set Menu B $38.00/pax min 25 pax

Food for Thoughts

Bento Asian $12.00 per box

Bento Western $12.00 per box

Lacquered Bento Box
$30.00 per set

Packet Lunch
Call us for Menus

Healthier Choice

Bon Appetite $13.80 per pax

Executive Bento Set $15.00/set min 10 sets

Tasty Delight Buffet $16.00/pax min 40 pax

Tea Reception
$12.00/pax min 30 pax


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